Under The Ice 2. Must be as big as whales now.

Undisturbed under the ice, the fish must be as big as whales by now.  

  • More fish prints.  8″ x 5″. On rice paper and found book pages from an old French dictionary 

Prospect Park, Brooklyn- more maps

Inside most of the weekend. Dreaming of Spring and perhaps a trip to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Pen and ink on paper. 14 x 11″.



A map of Dartmouth, New Hampshire

Finally finished on this freezing Friday. A map of Dartmouth, New Hampshire acrylic on wood panel. 24 x 24″. Next I think a map of somewhere warm. That way I can at least dream of sunshine.


Wishful Thinking. Spring Florals

Wishful thinking – a pair of wannabe spring florals, paper whites and anemones. Acrylic on wood panels, 12 x 36 “.


Meanwhile under the ice the fish wait.

Fish print and collage. Beneath the ice.


Catch of the day

Sunday afternoon. A long day and not too many fish biting.


Frozen River.

The river is truly frozen. At the weekends the ice fishermen gather.


Hand Drawn Map of Dartmouth, NH

With a vast Winter storm predicted, the studio is a good place to be. Prior to starting a big map of Dartmouth College I decided to begin with a small one as part of the necessary research. A note about scale- in cold weather, distances are always greater than anticipated. Watercolor and ink on paper, 15 x 11 “


Mini Fish Prints

Too cold to spend much time outside and the river is frozen solid. But underneath the ice the fish await the coming of Spring.


Insomnia in the Mission – mapping coffee shops in the Mission

If it’s tough for Google Maps to show all the Coffee shops in the Mission, in San Francisco, then how much harder is it for the humble map maker. Constant change is the only permanent. Ink on paper, 14 x 11 ” . Most of the greats are there but who knows 6 weeks from now .