Under the River ~  A Whale Sampler

Definitely as big as whales.  Whale shaped calligraphy.  14 x 11″. Ink on paper

Under The Ice 2. Must be as big as whales now.

Undisturbed under the ice, the fish must be as big as whales by now.  

  • More fish prints.  8″ x 5″. On rice paper and found book pages from an old French dictionary 

Prospect Park, Brooklyn- more maps

Inside most of the weekend. Dreaming of Spring and perhaps a trip to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Pen and ink on paper. 14 x 11″.



A map of Dartmouth, New Hampshire

Finally finished on this freezing Friday. A map of Dartmouth, New Hampshire acrylic on wood panel. 24 x 24″. Next I think a map of somewhere warm. That way I can at least dream of sunshine.


Wishful Thinking. Spring Florals

Wishful thinking – a pair of wannabe spring florals, paper whites and anemones. Acrylic on wood panels, 12 x 36 “.


Meanwhile under the ice the fish wait.

Fish print and collage. Beneath the ice.


Catch of the day

Sunday afternoon. A long day and not too many fish biting.


Frozen River.

The river is truly frozen. At the weekends the ice fishermen gather.


Hand Drawn Map of Dartmouth, NH

With a vast Winter storm predicted, the studio is a good place to be. Prior to starting a big map of Dartmouth College I decided to begin with a small one as part of the necessary research. A note about scale- in cold weather, distances are always greater than anticipated. Watercolor and ink on paper, 15 x 11 “


Mini Fish Prints

Too cold to spend much time outside and the river is frozen solid. But underneath the ice the fish await the coming of Spring.