Signs of Spring

At last the Spring bulbs are justifying all that nail breaking digging in frozen ground last November. The blue and purple grape hyacinths are so beautiful . Sadly I only appear to have 2 even though I know I planted nearly 50 bulbs. Somewhere close by there must be some very well fed squirrels…


Soho Windows

Looking is the best part of being in Soho. Windows, fire escapes, the people!! Windows and fire escapes. Ink and wash, journal page.


Pryor Park

Pryor Park, Bath. Brown ink over gesso. Journal page .


Pueblo. Still working on this one

Thinking about the light…. Acrylic on canvas. 20 x 20. This may look quite different later today


Seasonal Pleasures

Finally it’s really beginning to feel springlike. Snowdrops past their best, artisanal organic crocuses for the squirrels and daffodils in bud. I wish I had the camellias too but they belong to an English garden. Watercolor, journal page.


A Different Color Palette – Remembering Bali

A much warmer color palette, in contrast to all those very grey winter scenes. A somewhat abstract depiction of Ubud, Bali’s so called “Art Town.” Painted in multiple layers of acrylic with stamped prints to suggest the grid pattern of small streets and lanes and finishing with stenciled roofs. Wish I could go back. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 ”


High road to Taos.

Landscape – watercolor over gesso. Adobe church high in the mountains and folds of thick gesso.


Rainy Day

A wet, late March sort of day. Watercolor and colored pencil over gesso.


Adventure in New York

Adventure in New York, exploring at the Explorers’ Club. As the guest of a true Explorer, Alison Nicholls, http:/ I spent Wednesday sketching at the Explorers Club. Seated in the Trophy Room, surrounded by every conceivable type of “souvenir” and momento, I drew heads and horns. It was amazing!  Thank you, Ali.

Shown here are 2 views of some of the specimens and my friend Ali, hard at work




Back in the studio

After what seems like a very short time away from the studio, although it actually was not such a quick break, it feels so good to be painting again. Started in the Fall but finished this morning, a rather anxious trout. Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 24″