Maine Coastal

Inspired by a wonderful weekend in Maine. Coastal landscape, acrylic on wood panel. 16 x 16 “


Morning Glories

Morning Glories on a gold background. Watercolor and golf gouache 11 x 17 ”


Rainy Day Study – digital version

Rainy day study- iPad sketch. Early one morning. The same view in Maine.


Are those colors real?

Better ask my friend Darrell who took the photograph on which this study is based. Getting ready to teach a watercolor workshop up in Maine.


Rainy Day studies

Saying goodbye to Summer with some rainy day/ weather effects studies. Watercolor and graphite


Blackberry Celebration

After a wonderful summer in the UK there were blackberries everywhere. So much fun to pick and taste and so much fun to eat. Pen and ink and watercolor. 8″ x 5″


A “Leftovers” collage

Putting everything away after Summer Camp and playing with the leftover scraps of paper. Somehow the cat just appeared so of course there had to be a mouse.


Welcome August

I love Summer and I especially love August as it means time with my family. So here is a “birthday cake” to celebrate August. Made from an old paperback and some great trim. Folding all those pages is very therapeutic as long as one does not get sucked into rereading the book.


A seasonal Collage

Celebrating Summer Vegetables.


Night Owls

Experimenting with a small Lino cut and paint effects. Journal page